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My MSc Thesis Proposal

Thesis Proposal

 Autonomous Frequency Tracking for Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

المتتبع الذاتى لتردد حصاد الطاقة الكهروضغطية


 There has seen a surge of research activities and rapid development in the field of energy harvesting for a wide variety of self-powered small devices for the last few decades. Examples of such devices are wireless sensors, biomedical implants, military monitoring devices, structured-embedded instrumentation, remote weather station, calculators, watches, and Bluetooth headsets. Piezoelectric energy harvesting has advantages over other alternative techniques, such as large power density and ease of applications, and capability to fabricate the piezoelectric material to harvest the vibrating energy at different scales: macro, micro, and nano scale. Optimal performance of the piezoelectric energy harvester is obtained when the frequency of ambient vibration closely matches with its resonant frequency. Commonly, the frequency of ambient vibration is arbitrary, the piezoelectric energy harvester must “smart enough” in order to guarantee its resonance frequency matching condition. The main objective of the proposed research is to design and practically implement a piezoelectric energy harvester with autonomous frequency tracking capability. The frequency tracking system for piezoelectric energy harvester has to be able to adjust its properties to the given environmental conditions to maintain optimal power transfer from mechanical vibrations to electrical energy.

Supervisor: Prof. Wahied G. Ali 


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