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Journal yg dikelola anak negeri diterbitkan: CST

CST-KIPMICST (Communications in Science and Technology) adalah journal multidisipliner yang diterbitkan oleh KIPMI (Komunitas Ilmuwan dan Profesional Muslim Indonesia).  Journal ini bisa diakses secara gratis (open access).

CST telah mengeluarkan edisi pertama (Vol. 1 No.1) pada bulan Mei 2016, bisa dilihat dan didownload di: http://cst.kipmi.or.id/index.php/cst/issue/view/1

Table of Contents:
– “Clustering seasonal performances of soccer teams based on situational score line”
Canggih Puspo Wibowo

– “A comprehensive review on intelligent surveillance systems”
Sutrisno Warsono Ibrahim

– “Kinetics study of oil extraction from Citrus auranticum L. by solvent-free microwave extraction”
Heri Septya Kusuma, Prilia Dwi Amelia, Cininta Admiralia, Mahfud Mahfud

– “Performance measurement of the upgraded Microcab-H4 with academic drive cycle ”
Luthfi Rais, Peter Fisher, Aman Dhir, Robert Steinberger-Wilckens

– “Texture feature extraction for the lung lesion density classification on computed tomography scan image”
Hasnely ., Hanung Adi Nugroho, Sunu Wibirama, Budi Windarta, Lina Choridah

– “Detection of diabetic retinopathy using blood vessel segmentation in digital fundus image: A review”
Rezty Amalia Aras, Tri Lestari, Hanung Adi Nugroho, Igi Ardiyanto


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